Suspect charged after 14 years for Blue Iguana killing

Collis De Abreu

Mark Louchee, the suspect in the 14-year-old murder of Collis De Abreu, who was shot and killed outside of the Blue Iguana night club, was finally charged with the crime yesterday.

A wanted bulletin had been issued for him since 2003, when it was alleged that he committed the murder.

Louchee, held by an officer and using a walking stick as he was barely able to hold himself up, was brought before Magistrate Judy Latchman in George-town to face the charge.

Mark Louchee being escorted out of the courtroom yesterday

In the process of escorting Louchee to the prisoners’ dock, both the officer and the accused fell to the ground when Louchee’s feet seemed unable to support him any longer. They were assisted to their feet by the court orderly and Louchee, instead of being placed in the dock, was seated in a chair, to which he was handcuffed, nearby.

The magistrate then read the charge to the middle aged man. It stated that on September 21, 2003, at Georgetown, he murdered De Abreu.

Louchee was not required to enter a plea to the indictable charge.

He was subsequently remanded to prison and he is expected to make his next court appearance before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan on December 5.

De Abreu, 36, of Lot 57 Fourth Street, Alberttown, was shot once to the chest and was pronounced dead some ten minutes after he was taken to the George-town Public Hospital for treatment.

Stabroek News previously reported that the shooting occurred after a patron attempted to leave with a glass belonging to the club.

In the process of leaving, the patron was cautioned by the proprietor that he could not take the glass but he refused to listen and instead jumped into a waiting taxi and drove off a little distance from the bar and stopped.

It was further reported that as soon as the car stopped, the patron came out and whipped out his firearm and began shooting indiscriminately, hitting De Abreu and injuring others, including the proprietor.

The injured men reportedly received shots in the regions of their thighs and hands and were rushed to the hospital where they were treated.

De Abreu’s younger brother had related to this newspaper that he observed the patron and the owner arguing after the patron attempted to leave with the glass but paid them no mind because they were all good friends.

The brother had also stated that after leaving the bar the young man went up to his brother and told him that he heard he was messing with his girl and discharged a single gunshot at him and a few more in the air.

According to the brother, Collis attempted to run away but the patron gave chase and when Collis attempted to scale a fence in hopes of escaping he collapsed.

He noted that when the gunman returned to the bar, he ordered a handyman to sweep away the warheads and he complied. The gunman then climbed onto his motorcycle and sped away. Upon his departure, friends of Collis returned to the scene and took him to the hospital.

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