Constable fined $25,000 for accepting bribes

Colin Rodney

A city magistrate yesterday fined a police constable $25,000 for accepting bribes.

Magistrate Fabayo Azore imposed the fine on Colin Rodney, after finding him guilty of the crime.

The charged against Rodney had stated that on September 23, 2016, he engaged in a corrupt transaction as an agent of the state by accepting inducement from two men, Saeed Gopie and Hushaam Mana on June 15, 2016 at the Kingston seawall.

Police Prosecutor Bess told the court that the defendant had no prior charges. Rodney’s attorney, Dexter Todd, then requested that his client be granted a non-custodial sentence.

Magistrate Azore subsequently fined Rodney $25,000 or a default sentence of 3 months in jail.

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