Errant bus driver assaults police constable on Robb Street

A police constable was physically assaulted on Tuesday afternoon on Robb Street by a mini bus driver who became irate after the Constable attempted to remove the key from the bus he was driving at the time.

Stabroek News witnessed the assault. The driver of BLL-7766, a route #44 bus, was allowed to drive off.

It all started when the driver reversed down the busy one way of Robb Street and stopped in front of a store. Constable Fraser approached him and from this newspaper’s vantage point the officer was overheard informing the driver of his offence and indicated that he was under arrest.

In a belligerent manner the driver informed the Constable that he wanted to purchase an item. It was not clear what else was said between the two but the officer then attempted to remove the bus key.

The irate driver then chucked the officer and angrily told him, “Don’t get stupid, you can’t tek out me bus key.” He then flung open the bus door and continued to assault the lawman using both hands, while  telling him that he had no authority to take out his bus key.

Constable Fraser’s colleague, who was across the road at the time, then approached the two but only assisted by using his cellular phone to take out photographs of the bus and presumably the driver. It was a male passenger who exited the bus and rushed between the officer and the bus driver, holding the driver and directing him back to the vehicle. Constable Fraser never retaliated physically but he did inform the driver that he would be held accountable for his actions.

The driver jumped back into his vehicle and sped away while Constable Fraser and his colleague continued their duty of maintaining law and order on the busy Robb Street.

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