Reliance family spreads Christmas cheer along Essequibo Coast

Santa spreading joy in Lima Sands

On Christmas Day, a family of Reliance, Essequibo Coast took  Christmas cheer to  over eleven communities on the Essequibo Coast. Businessman, Banie Persaud along with his three daughters and several other close family members and friends distributed gifts and goodies to more than 1000 children on the Essequibo Coast.

Persaud who was dressed as Santa made sure that each child was given a gift and everyone had an opportunity to dance with him.

Speaking with Stabroek News, Hema Ananda Persaud who spearheaded the event said that  the family’s act of altruism started a few Christmases ago when her father, Banie and her two older sisters Yashoda and Sharada made a similar stop at the  community of Sand Pit in 2015.

“Over the past three years, our family has been spreading Christmas cheer with others at our own expense and this isn’t because we need recognition or anything of the sort. My father would usually dress and act like Santa Claus every year where he gives away gifts to all the children in attendance. This year, however, we decided to expand our father’s act of altruism. It is the wish of our family that each child can be able to enjoy Christmas regardless of the family’s economic background.”

According to Hema, instead of focusing on one community, her family expanded the target to 12 communities which benefitted some 1060 children. Some of the communities that were visited by the family included Golden Fleece, Perseverance, Zorg, Queenstown, Reliance and Affiance.

Persaud  said that the Christmas cheer is something his family will continue to spread in the years to come.

“As a boy growing up, we would hang up a stocking and wake up the next morning and we would only get a few sweets. It’s understandable that our parents at that time couldn’t afford much, so we were grateful. Today we give the kids a nice gift, some words of encouragement. It’s something they can take a long way.”

In 2018, the family plans to target all the communities throughout the entire Essequibo Coast as they continue to spread a Christmas Miracle in Region Two.

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