Medical emergency at Piarco: 30 passengers injured

(Trinidad Express) The number of passengers injured as a result of the turbulence encountered by an American Airlines flight headed to Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday night, stands at 30.

Of those, three passengers were taken to the Arima Hospital for further medical treatment.

The details were disclosed by the Airports Authority in a statement on Thursday.

The Authority said that at around 9p.m.  American Airlines Flight 2713 contacted the Air Traffic Control Tower to advise that they experienced severe turbulence while en route from Miami to Port of Spain and would require medical assistance upon arrival at the Piarco International Airport as there were injuries on board.

The Authority and emergency response agencies arrived on site immediately to lend support.

According to the Authority: “The aircraft landed safely at 9:33pm. A total of thirty (30) persons were injured however three (3) persons were taken to the Arima Heath Facility to seek further medical attention”.


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