Still new memories to form while there is still time

Dear Editor,

Today, I remembered flying my kite at the seawall/EICC Ground on Easter Sunday mornings.

Today is also Palm Sunday and 100 years since the Battle for Vimy Ridge.

There are other reasons for this communication, one principal reason is to say thanks to a family member of an enemy alien. Dr. Rometti who saved my mother’s life, Dolly (Abraham) Kellman around 1939 when she was hospitalized with blood poisoning caused by a sewing machine needle puncture.  He removed most of the biceps muscles in her right arm and she survived to take care of her ‘brood’ and died in 1982 in PoS. Most people alive today would not have heard of her or the Kellman or Abraham clan, but ‘we’ are indelibly ingrained in Guyanese culture and life. For example look into the Records of the Guiana Art Society and the history of Broadcasting.

I was born at 104 Regent Street,,Bourda, and left on 15th, March 1943 from Demerara River Seaport.  I had been hoping to renew my memories but was dissuaded by my MD.   My heart is still there along with my grandparents at Le Repentir  both general and the Abraham Plot.

My first school was Main Street Public and my last was at Sacred Heart on Main Street.

My memories are long and strong but sadly I have no names to remember, at 87 years of age, except business names.  Some ‘people names’ I have learned to forget.

Luckhoos (JA) and family (164 Waterloo,  now Government Buildings) are another memory, as is the Ursuline Convent, where my mother was educated.

The Botanical Gardens and Boulevard lined with Flamingo Flowers. And time goes on and on. There are still new memories to form while there is still time.

So long East Bank, #1 and #2 and Lamaha Canals, West Bank, East Coast, West Coast, Kitty, Buxton, Essequibo, Berbice Bartica etal.

So long BG.

Yours faithfully,

Louis C. Kellman, 

Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

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