Should not the Skeldon Post Office sign be taken down?

Dear Editor,
Recent coverage in the media regarding the preaching and proselytizing of a particular religion in the public schools in Guyana which is a secular state has, among other things, raised one’s awareness about the impropriety of the state and/or its corporations tolerating such activities.

In this regard I was surprised to find the sign “Jesus is right/For whatever is/Wrong in your Life”  strategically and prominently placed over the cashier’s cage at the Skeldon Post Office in Corriverton, Berbice. My surprise was piqued all the more by the fact that the said sign has been there for the longest while, perhaps for all the years that I have been using the said post office, but it never caught my attention before yesterday when I went to do some business there.

I am now constrained to ask if the sign should not be taken down lest we start a ‘sign war’ in our beleaguered land of ‘six peoples’ and numerous faiths which we seem to be hoping against hope to ‘blend’ into ‘one people, one nation, one destiny’.

Yours faithfully,
Nowrang Persaud

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