Diatribe against LGBT community

Dear Editor,

I read with sadness and much disappointment, a letter by one Edwin Lynch, in last weekend’s edition of the CS, captioned, ‘Gay Rights’. Lynch went on to justify his reasons for being against gay marriage; he went on to mention what he deemed ‘natural’ and ‘unnatural’ behaviours of animals, etc etc.

He then urged everyone to “stand up against” the proposal to give the LGBT community (he still refers to this community as ‘homosexuals’) the right to marry. While that has never been a proposal put to the table by both the current and past governments, the writer (I do not know if he is a Catholic or not) is way out of line in his diatribe against this community. What he failed to mention is the love that the Mother church urges all to show towards the LGBT and the opportunities that should and must be available to them, regardless of their sexual orientation, to serve the Lord and participate in the proclamation of the Gospel.

Mr Lynch, please, let’s leave the judgement part to God on Judgement day.

Yours faithfully,

Leon Suseran

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