The sabotage of GTT is the sabotage of the country

Dear Editor,

GTT has been a noted partner in the area of communication for many decades in this country. Following its take-over from what was called the Guyana Telecommunication Company, mighty works have been done to bring our communication sector into the 21st century.

This company has been an excellent corporate citizen and we have reached standards in telecommunication, including dedicated IP services which are integral for business and personal communication; dedicated internet service (DIA) which gives more speed and greater efficiency despite periodic difficulties; business DSL; international private leased circuit (IPLC); GTT business; PBX services and much more.

It is real shame that as soon as GTT went on a campaign to promote its upgrades on faster and cheaper internet services, its fibre optic cables were sabotaged. This has been termed by Minister of Public Telecommunications Cathy Hughes as “a breach of national security”. This was obviously done by someone with expertise in the field. These cases are not isolated to Guyana or even the Caribbean, since it has happened in Europe and North America. This even happened several times in Atlantic Gardens where I live, and it was not just an attempt to steal copper wire, but it was sabotage, and the continuous damage to GTT’s cables speaks volumes.

I wish to compliment GTT once again for the job it has done as a corporate citizen, the opportunities it has provided for the employment of thousands, its contributions to sports, educational facilities, health and infrastructural development. It is my hope that the police will seriously investigate this matter and the perpetrator would be exposed. The sabotage of GTT is actually a sabotage of our country. It goes against the fabric of what we stand for, and the decency and honour by which we abide.

Yours faithfully,

Roshan Khan


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