Parents should encourage children to read, write poetry

Dear Editor,

Poetry flows in my blood. How I enjoy reading poems, tasting and drinking until I am satisfied.

I have tried writing poems, but somehow when I read the rich poetry of others, I know I am nowhere in the world of writing quality poetry, although I refuse to lose the joy of reading the work of others.  When I write, I share it with a friend or two, before scrapping.

I am encouraging parents to provide the means for their children to write, read, and enjoy poetry. Then they will be developing the heart of the child to be a human heart. I am encouraging parents to have the children read poetry, talk about poetry, and what they enjoyed or did not enjoy.

Some who know me as a teacher of mathematics may well ask how can I love mathematics and poetry at the same time. I do not have an answer.

Yours faithfully,

Krishna Nand Prasad


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