Why does the veterinarian in Region One not have riverine transportation?

Dear Editor,

The residents of the Santa Rosa Amerindian village, Moruca sub-region, Region 1 (Barima- Waini) are complaining that they do not have the services of a veterinarian even though one is stationed at the Mabaruma sub-region. I made contact with this vet and asked him, why he was not providing services to the Santa Rosa village. His reply was that he does not have riverine transportation. Can you imagine that? A government veterinarian in Region 1 does not have any means of river transportation? Then what purpose is he serving in Region 1? I then tried without success to make contact with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) Mr Culbert Owen; he was at a meeting on August 18. Several calls were made to the CEO’s cellular but they went unanswered and neither was there any return call.  I wonder if the Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder receives reports on the performance of hinterland agriculture, particularly where livestock development is concerned in Region 1. If he does then those reports may be flawed.

I am appealing to the Minister of Agriculture to investigate the operations of GLDA with a view to ensuring that all vets stationed in our hinterland regions are provided with adequate means of transportation and a budget to do their work in the best interest of hinterland livestock development. I was informed by Mabaruma residents that the only means of transportation the vet has is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Can this ATV take the doctor to the riverain communities of Port Kaituma, Moruca and elsewhere in Region 1 where his services are needed? Simply put, the GLDA in its mission has neglected the North-West region.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Persaud

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