Why are public officers eligible for duty-free vehicles every three years and not five years?

Dear Editor,

Why should public officers be eligible for duty-free vehicles every three years and not every five years? What have they done to their vehicles within three years to be granted concessions so regularly? Other categories of state workers are given a one-off duty-free concession. In all fairness, if we are living in a struggling economy where salaries are not matching the cost of living, then all duty-free concessions must be repeated every five years rather than every three years for those eligible public servants.

This will enable the government to save millions of dollars which can go towards benefiting the poor and the needy. It can go towards increasing pensions and public assistance for our unfortunate citizens.

There are many people who have vehicles which are over fifteen years old, and which work well and look well because they are cared for by the owners. Why would a public servant, who is eligible for a duty-free vehicle, need one every three years? If he/she needs another vehicle within five years of receiving a duty-free one, then it should be purchased with duties paid.

Our government is trying every means possible to increase revenue. Reviewing these duty-free concessions on vehicles is a beginning. While this will not bring in revenue, it will save revenue which can be spent in other sectors.

Yours faithfully,

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