The names of all private developers on East Bank Demerara were made public on many occasions

Dear Editor,

I continue to read with shock the continuous misrepresentation of facts by the Kaieteur News in relation to the Providence, East Bank Demerara lands. These facts have been in the public domain on many occasions for years now.

Why is it that the newspaper continues to ignore the fact that the names of all private developers were made public on many occasions? This is not a new discovery.

Secondly, the list was requested in the National Assembly and submitted; there was no secret or hidden agenda. All these proposals by developers and investors were responses from expression of interest notices publicly advertised.

Further, the terms and conditions of all the contracts are the same. All the developers are bound by the same conditions. It is a total misrepresentation to suggest otherwise. There was no preferential treatment for any of the developers.

The only motive of the Ministry of Housing was to facilitate private investment and capital in expediting and expanding the housing and construction sector to the benefit of the economy.

I remain proud of the expansive development, investment and benefit that the East Bank Development has brought to thousands of Guyanese.

In relation to how companies are owned and operated, the Ministry did not involve itself in the operations of the developers. The conditions of sale are listed in the agreement with the developers and any government can act based on the agreement.

Yours faithfully,

Irfaan Ali

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