Several agencies worked together to bring Met-en-Meerzorg situation under control

Dear Editor,

I read in the Stabroek News dated Thursday, September 7, 2017 an article bearing the caption, ‘Koker breaks away at Met-en-Meerzorg’.

To begin with, the Divisional Commander, Mr Leslie James made contact with me through the Deputy Regional Executive Officer, Ms Jennifer Dougall and provided transportation to the site. On my way to the site I communicated with Mr Jaikaran who was at the time travelling in the Essequibo River returning from site visits. Mr Jaikaran upon his arrival was briefed by yours truly about the situation after which a GuySuCo representative informed us that equipment was on its way to the site. A couple of minutes later we were joined by officers from the Sea Defence Commission, the Regional Administration and the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA). In fact, the CEO, Mr Flatts himself was present on site.

Secondly, the Regional Executive Officer after being briefed about the situation left the site and visited surrounding communities. He interacted with worried residents and assured them that the situation was under control due to teamwork from GuySuCo, NDIA, Sea Defence and the Regional Administration.

Thirdly, the Regional Executive Officer returned to the site and stayed extremely late with the workers. He assured the workers that should more resources be needed he would happily provide same.

Fourthly, the Regional Executive Officer revisited the site on the morning of September 7, and had a first-hand look at the situation after which he went back into the surrounding communities and spoke once again with residents.

Fifthly, the Regional Executive Officer revisited again on the afternoon of September 7, and again spoke with residents. He indicated that his presence would be felt until final normalcy was restored even though no severe flooding was reported.

Editor, the REO did not surprise me by his actions, and I am certain he did not surprise many others, but I believe it is necessary to record his involvement with reference to this situation.

In conclusion, it is necessary to congratulate all who made it possible to bring the situation under control especially GuySuCo, NDIA, Sea Defence and of course the Regional Administration Region 3.

Yours faithfully,

Ganesh Mahipaul

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