Government should address teaching college issues

Dear Editor,

SN (September 26) presented an editorial on teachers, with comments on Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE). I have had the opportunity to function as a lecturer/teacher/tutor/ Maths specialist at the college for a number of years. On one occasion, in the course of my attachment, I had to appeal to the then President of Guyana to save the College, using SN’s letter column.

It is my belief that the previous government through its officials disrespected and neglected CPCE. Even the media seemed not to be aware of its existence in the days of the heavy floods.

I thank  Stabroek News for its concern. I hope this government will address issues related to CPCE and focus on salary increases for teachers, nurses and doctors to give a degree of respect to these professionals and their professions, and contribute significantly to financial needs to establish a fairly comfortable life.

Yours faithfully,

Krishna Bracket Prasad

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