It’s hard to calculate the damage Hugh Hefner did

Dear Editor,

Why do I feel sad that Hugh Hefner is dead? Why do I feel sorry for a man who has done so much wrong and was responsible for gross immorality in our country. Is it because I believe that if it wasn’t for the grace of God, I could have ended up like him?

How could a man who was raised in such a good godly home becomes one of the biggest pimps, monsters and narcissists? Hefner could not have asked to be raised in a better home and family than the one that he came from. His parents were very devoted Christians and godly people. At home, he was given a lot of love. In his past, there were never any allegations of sexual or physical abuse, which may have led to his career choice.

What ultimately may have led Hefner to get into the adult entertainment industry was the fact that he was searching for the meaning of life and happiness. However, due to his pursuit of pleasure, Hefner’s Playboy Magazine has poisoned the minds of millions of teenagers, adult men and women all over the world, including Guyana. There was never a man who corrupted the hearts and minds of so many generations. Here is a man whose headstone should read: ‘Here lies Hugh Hefner who has contributed the most to the moral decline, destruction and degradation of the world in the twentieth century. Here is a man who made it okay to objectify women and who promoted  promiscuity. Here is a man who boasted and bragged about having six girlfriends at one time and who brought his own daughter into the adult entertainment industry to be his successor.  Here is a man who contributed tremendously to the sexual revolution and who contributed directly or indirectly to millions of men and women, boys and girls becoming addicted to pornography.’

In Hefner’s quest to find the meaning of life, he engaged in a lot of meaningless sex.

It’s hard to calculate the damage Hugh Hefner did. He destroyed many lives without firing a single bullet. I can’t think of a single person who has done more harm to the family and teenagers. Hefner’s Playboy Magazine poisoned the imaginations, souls and minds of millions of people. And the effects last a lifetime. One writer described him this way, “He was America’s famous dirty old man.”

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Pantlitz

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