Health hazard from burning gold in Charity

Dear Editor,

There is a gold dealer who operates a jewellery shop in Charity who buys raw gold. This is gold in its pure state or that has been mixed with the mercury that has been used in the extractive process.

One day, while sitting in the vicinity of his shop, I noticed some drops of what I thought was rain, but another shopkeeper in the vicinity responded that it was not rain, it was Mr X burning gold, and that the droplets were “quicksilver gas” coming through his chimney.

Editor, from my reading, mercury is a very toxic metal and when inhaled or ingested, causes serious and permanent medical conditions. This mercury vapour coming out of the gold dealer’s chimney, poses a serious threat to vendors and shoppers alike in the area.

I would like the relevant authorities to look into this situation.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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