Public Infrastructure Ministry should release annexes for report on Demerara River Crossing

Dear Editor,

The Feasibility Study and Design for the new Demerara River Crossing undertaken by LievenseCSO was recently released by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI). How-ever, it should be noted that the annexes to the report, ie the source data and analysis from which the conclusions in the report were presumably drawn, have not been released to date.

The inability to access the annexes makes any analysis of the LievenseCSO report superficial at best. Indeed, the consultants themselves state in the Executive Summary that “This Final Report  summarizes the findings and conclusions of the study. For more detailed information on the subjects studied reference is made to the Annexes of this Report comprising the detailed study reports on the various subjects.”

Therefore in the interest of full disclosure and to further public discussion on this important  project the MPI would do well to release the annexes to the report.


Yours faithfully,

(Name and address supplied)

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