No premier football competition in the country

Dear Editor,

As we start November and year-end beckons, it is a sad reminder that there exists no premier football competition in the country.

Just a few years ago the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) had established the “Elite League” which was supposed to be the Mount Everest of football and reserved for only the best players, teams, clubs, and officials. It was the ultimate pathway for young aspiring players to play with the best and be seen on the global stage after being selected to the national team from the league.

The elite league generated national excitement among football fans in its first year, but this was short-lived as a result of the failure of the GFF executive committee to honour the rules of the tournament and to reach a favourable conclusion with the two most formidable, and well-resourced, clubs in Guyana: Alpha United and Slingerz.

What we have today is a few smaller tournaments and competitions being slung together; a far cry from being anything close to elite.

Perhaps the executive committee does not see the sense of a top class league and is contented with the current state of things. I hope I’m wrong; just for the sake of the survival of the sport in Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Chamine Lovell

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