Kescia Branche was a vibrant figure in drama

Dear Editor,

It is with deep sadness that I post this photograph with Kescia Branche (kneeling) and Melika Edmonds from the Play ‘Crack Jokes’ written by Odessa Primus which I produced at the National Cultural Centre in February 2016. My deepest condolences to her twin sister, Kassandra and to the family at her tragic death.

I knew Kescia and Kassandra since they were 12 years attending St. Rose’s High School. They joined my ‘Youths in Drama’ workshop during the summer of 2007. They were all part of the group of young upcoming actors that travelled for many weekends performing in schools, in the countryside, in and around Georgetown doing the short plays and skits produced from the workshop. She also performed in the short film ‘Shattered Hopes and Dreams’ based on a young girl becoming HIV infected, which I directed and was sponsored by NAPS.

She was one of the group of young persons from the workshop who joined NAPS as peer educators and worked in the Village at the National Park during Carifesta 2009. Many times when they missed rehearsals I would call at home for them and their mother would say to me that they were unable to attend that day because they need to study. I could not argue with such strict parenting. The last play both sisters performed with the ‘Youths in Drama’ workshop was a short play I entered in the first National Drama Festival. They both became very vibrant and visible on stage in many other productions over the years. A few years ago, while judging the national drama festival, I felt very proud at the level of her performances in the plays she was involved in. God rest her soul.


Yours faithfully,

Gem Nascimento

GEMS Theatre Productionsa

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