Junior karatekas excel in Suriname

Third Caribbean Karate Championships

A four member team from the Guyana Karate Federation (GKF) returned from Suriname last month with a medal haul of five silver and four bronze from the 3rd Caribbean Karate Championships.

According to a press release from the GKF, the tournament was hosted by the Suriname Karate-Do at the Antony Nesty Sportshal in Paramaribo, from the 11th-15th, July. The team was spearheaded by 2nd Dan Keith Beaton who lost in the Adult Open Kumite competition.

The Guyana Karate Federation team at the 3rd Caribbean Karate Championships in Suriname, from left to right, Shakeem Walcott, Trevon Miller, Shemar Parkinson and Keith Beaton.

The junior karatekas, however, according to the GKF release, were much more successful. Shemar Parkinson, 3rd Kyu, won silver in the 16-17 years, +76 kg division, in Kumite, while Trevon Miller, 2nd Dan, took the bronze medal in the 16-17 years, 76 kg division, in Kumite. Shakeem Walcott, 2nd Dan, won a bronze medal in the 14-15 years, 57 kg division, in Kumite, and another bronze in the 14-15 years Individual Kata.

Parkinson and Miller took bronze in the 16-17 years Team Kumite, and the trio took the silver medal in the 14-17 years Team Kata.

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