Guinness Cage football launch tomorrow

With all systems in place for the staging of the inaugural Guinness Cage Football Championship, coordinators Three Peat Promotion, has requested the presence of each participating team at the tournaments launch tomorrow, at the Windjammer Hotel, Kitty from 14:00hrs.

According to an official release, “We are requesting the presence of representatives from each of the 32 competing teams at the official launch on Wednesday. This request is necessary for the issuing of the fixtures, and rules and regulations for the event, as well as to facilitate discussions between the coordinators and the teams.”

The document further revealed, “The launch was officially slated for Monday but had to be rescheduled due to circumstances beyond our control. However we assure the fans and the teams that all systems are in place for an exciting tournament which kicks off on Thursday at the National Gymnasium on Mandela Avenue.”

The correspondence further added, “We are imploring on all fans and teams to work together to make the championship an incident free and thrilling spectacle.”

The event will witness teams from several regions battling for over $700,000 in cash and prizes.

The competing teams are Georgetown 1.Sparta Boss, 2.Gold is Money, 3.Back Circle, 4.Future Stars, 5.Leopold Street, 6.Sophia, 7.Tucville, 8.North Ruimveldt, 9.Queen Street Tigerbay, 10.Albouystown-B, 11.Albouystown-A, 12.Channel-9 Warriors, 13.North East La Penitence, 14.Alexander Village, 15.Old Skool Ballers, 16.Broad Street, 17.Hustlers, 18.New Market Street, 19.West Back Road, 21.Campbellville  East Coast Demerara 22.Plaisance, 23.Melanie, 24.Vryheid Lust, East Bank Demerara 25.Champion Boys, 26.Agricola Gas Team and 27.Mocha, Linden 28.Dave and Celina’s All Stars and 29.Silver Bullets, West Demerara 30.Showstoppers and 31.ESPN.

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