IGG team departs today for Suriname

Guyana’s contingent of athletes and officials were scheduled to depart this morning for Suriname to compete in the 2017 edition of the Inter-Guiana Games (IGG).

During the five-day sojourn, the cream of Guyana’s under-19 basketball, football and volleyball players, along with cyclists, track and field athletes and swimmers will lock horns with their Surinamese counterparts in a quest to secure individual and team glory.

From the courts, to the open roads, several venues will be buzzing with activities tomorrow when the visiting sportsmen and women tackle the hosts in the six disciplines.

According to an official at the National Sports Commission, “All systems have been put in place for the athletes to excel at the Games.” The visiting contingent comprises seven cyclists, 12 swimmers, 12 volleyball players and the male and female football outfits, comprising 18 members each.

The following teams were recently announced; Volleyball – Kristoff Shepherd, Akil Vaughn, Omari Joseph, Hellod Singh, Andy Rahaman, Jaleel Roberts, Samuel Jordan, Ronaldo Bobb, Montel Denny, Daymyon Alahamad, Ronaldo Griffith, Kellon Leitch; Cycling – Adealie Hodge, Marcus Keiler, Cortis Dey, Jason Cameron, Shenika Teixeira, Yonka Barker, Deancae Welch; Swimming – Andre Jordan, Antonio Rodrigues, Daniel Scott, Nathan Hackett, Leon Seaton, Alex Winter, Nikita Fiedkou, Teshanna Hunter, Anna Isaacs.

The aim of the games is to create possibilities for youths to come together and compete in different sport disciplines, focusing on better sport results and better understanding of each other’s culture.

Guyana’s representatives are scheduled to return on Monday. (Emmerson Campbell)







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