Rugby 7s season restarts tomorrow

Despite last weekend’s postponement due to an unfit playing area, the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) is steadfast in restarting its domestic season tomorrow.

Since the original rugby pitch (The National Park’s rugby field) is under a desperate need for an upgrade and modification by the National Sports Commission and other stakeholders, the union was forced to seek an alternative ground to continue it dynamic domestic season.

Hence, the National Park’s Athletic track was chosen to be the new pitch which also has its own challenges, many of which were under estimated thus leading into last weekend’s tournament being postponed.  Upon having the new pitch, limited time and resources, a call for better relation and efforts between the union’s executive, organizing committee, coaches, clubs, players and friends of the sport, to collaborate in a better way with the National Park for tomorrow’s fixture.

The pitch is cleared of the high grass but yet to be rolled and leveled to avoid players being injured by holes and vehicle tracks which has remained after the pitch’s last use in the Guyana versus USA South Panthers match in July.

The dynamic domestic season is said to provide more than an adequate preparation for the ‘Green Machine’ on its road to Mexico in November for the Rugby America’s North (RAN) 7s 2017.

A victory in Mexico would provide great rewards. Hence, the players welfare at every tournament is a top priority, as a massive amount of rugby games is anticipated to be played both domestically and internationally once the national outfit secures victory at RAN ‘s 7’s 2017.Scrum off time is anticipated for 11:00hrs.






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