Dorado Speed Club wins Pentathlon Meet

The Dorado Speed Swim Club with 574 points, won the recent Invitational Pentathlon Meet at the National Aquatic Centre, Liliendaal.

In second place was the Dolphin Swim Club with 440 points while Swim Academy Sea Otters was third with 104 and one half points.

Torpedo Swim Club, 85 points was fourth and Orca Swim Club with 40 points fifth.

Each swimmer was asked to complete five specific races in their respective age categories inclusive of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and an individual medley (a combination of all four strokes).

Dorado’s female tallied the most points comfortably over their competitors with 299, Dolphin was second with 193.

Dorado’s male swimmers did not have it as easy as their female counterparts, tallying 239 points with Dolphin close behind with 221 and one half points.

Andicia Vieira of Dolphin Swim Club pipped Kyra Soares by one point to win the girls eight years and under category while Vieira’s club mate, Jeremy Sookram won the boys category.

The Mahaica siblings Patrice and Paul of Dolphin Swim Club, won the girls and boys 9-10 years age group while in the girls 11-12 years of age category, Lian Winter of the host club came out victorious while the Goodwill age group champion, Leon Seaton, claimed the title boy’s category for the Silver Sharks.

The girl’s 13-14 title was won by Dorado’s Donna Carter with Sekhel Tzedeq of Dolphin winning the boy’s category.

Kenita Mahaica won the girls 15 and over age group and Dorado’s Daniel Scoot the boy’s category.

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