Tournament begins tonight at the National Gymnasium

Lennox Blackmoore Intermediate Boxing Championships

The Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) annual Lennox Blackmoore Intermediate Champion-ships will box-off tonight at the National Gymnasium.

The three-night fixture starts at 19:00hrs and will see in excess of 50 boxers from 10 or more gyms competing for trophies and medals.

It is the third year since the GBA has decided to honour notable local boxers by naming tournaments after them.

Terrence Poole
Lennox Blackmoore

Blackmoore, Guyana’s first Commonwealth champion had a professional record of 25 wins and five losses.

According to Technical Director of the GBA, Terrence Poole, a knockout weekend of boxing is on the cards.

He stated that Novice champions, Kevin McKenzie, Akeemo Watts, Okimey Baker, Darryl McPherson and Kevin Moore are some of the standout pugilists expected to lace up the gloves and vie for the coveted best boxer award. The Guyana Defense Force (GDF) was the recipient of the best gym award in 2016.

Admission is listed at $500 for adults.


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