Guinness playoff round venue suffers change of venue

Three Peat Promotions Co-Director Rawle Welch (left) receives a donation of footballs for the playoff round of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Georgetown zone, from Colours Boutique representative Troy Lamazon.

The East Ruimveldt Community Centre Tarmac commonly known as California Square will now be the venue for the playoff round of the 2017 Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ football tournament tomorrow from 18:00hrs.

According to Three Peat Promotions, coordinators of the annual tournament, the three-day elimination event was moved from the Meadowbrook Tarmac due to the unpredictable weather pattern currently being experienced.

“The move became necessary because the playing condition at the original venue is almost unplayable when it rains due to the slippery surface. The surface, which is concrete in nature, poses a serious threat to players when the rain falls and it is because of this concern we have decided to switch the venue. We apologize for any inconvenience the switching of venues may have caused.”

The coordinators revealed that 24 matches have been tabled for the evening as 48 teams’ battle for the 16 available spots in the group round.

“The fixtures have been released and teams are being asked to be at the venue for 18:00hrs for a prompt start due to the amount of matches that have to be played to arrive at the final 16 to join the 16 automatic qualifiers for the November 22nd commencement of the Georgetown Zone Competition.

“This year’s playoffs has seen a record number of entries and this clearly emphasizes the growing popularity in what has rightly been described as a phenomenon with massive turnouts at all the venues. The organizers, Banks DIH, under its Guinness brand, has decided to return to the communities and this decision has been welcomed with happiness from the teams and fans alike.”

The organisers said that clubs needed to be are that today is the date entries for the competition closes.

“Meanwhile, all teams are being reminded that the close off date for submission of entries is today and they are being urged to adhere to the request of the organizers and coordinating group so that the group draws could be made early,” the release stated.

Winner of the overall event will walk-away with $500,000 and the championship trophy along with automatic qualification for the National Playoffs.

The runner-up, third and fourth placed finishers will receive $250,000, $200,000 and $100,000 respectively. Failure to submit registration forms by the stipulated time will result in teams being unable to participate. The event is also sponsored by Colours Boutique.


Playoff Matches

  1. Future Stars vs Eccles All-Stars
  2. MBK All-Stars vs Smyth Street
  3. Ol Skool Ballers vs New Level
  4. Jackson Sports Bar vs Rising Stars
  5. Upsetters vs Albouystown


  1. Cross Street vs Stabroek Ballers
  2. California Square vs Bel-Air
  3. Globe Yard vs Hardina Streets


  1. Sophia Bullies vs East La Penitence


  1. Fruit Stand vs Gaza Squad
  2. School Yard All-Stars vs Dam


  1. Pike Street Sophia vs Island All-


  1. Charlotte Street vs LA Warriors
  2. Picadilly Street vs Young Ballers
  3. Rasville Dreamchasers vs Terror


  1. Breada Street All-Stars vs Star


  1. South Stars vs Spot-7
  2. New Market Street vs Man City
  3. Goal Getters vs Judgment Yard
  4. Castello vs Norton Street Ballers
  5. GTI Ballers vs Young Warriors
  6. Victor Street Ballers vs Bad ‘A’


  1. PSI Chaser vs Kingston
  2. Young Ballers vs Team Legacy

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