Micro Chipping the way forward says Racing Committee

The Jumbo Jet Thoroughbred Racing Committee held an all-important meeting on Sunday where several topics were discussed.

Dr. Dwight Waldron, the main speaker spoke on Traceability (Micro chipping) and the importance of having a more competitive racing society.  He alluded to the fact that horses will be able to compete internationally once a proper system is in place.

Waldron added that micro chipping would also decrease the number of race day conflict on horse classifications. 

He then outlined different ways of tracing horses (Cold Branding, Tattooing, and Micro Chipping) making specific reference to Micro Chipping as the way forward in the Guyanese racing.

Waldron also made remarks on the way forward for 2018 calling it ‘year of the horse’. Other points made during his speech included:

Training for Grooms

Full Traceability for Horses

Stud Owners Incentives (starting with two year olds of 2018) This would apply to owners who submit their returns to the JJTRC.

Mares and Stallions Returns at the end of the breeding season to be submitted. Meanwhile, remarks were given by Dennis Deroop who congratulated Nazrudeen Mohamed Jr. for his efforts towards a more organize racing system in Guyana. He also made reference to the fact that this committee would pave the way towards demonstrating to the government that horse racing can be organized. Deroop further commented on the importance of Jockey and Trainers Licenses which was endorsed by Waldron.

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