Asters commonly called Michaelmas Daisy are native to the USA. In the US, Asters bloom from May/June until late October, while in the Caribbean and Guyana Asters bloom all year round.

Asters can be grown from seeds. Set your seeds around April, or you can purchase potted plants from nurseries and plant shops as potted plants.

Plant your Asters in full sun with good drainage and fertilize with Miracle Gro Bloom Booster once every two weeks. Dead head or cut off dried flowers, which will allow your plants to bloom again.

Asters come in exciting colours of white, lilac, purple, pink and red. There are two kinds of Asters – New England and New York – and it is rather difficult to tell them apart. In Guyana we have white, lilac and purple Asters. Some grow short while others grow to approximately 18 inches tall. These plants make lovely hedges or borders. Flowers are long lasting and used by many florists as fillers in floral arrangements.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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