Ego’s ‘Santa’ released on Facebook

Quincy Lacon dressed as Santa Clause in the music video for his new hit.

Ego is back this Christmas with his hot new single “Santa”.

Just a week ago, Quincy ‘Ego’ Lacon, through Ssignal Productions, released his latest hit on Facebook in time for the holidays.

“Santa” steers clear of the classical Christmas music we all are accustomed to and its upbeat-tempo style is likely to have listeners rocking away to the rhythm. This Christmas song is yet to be put on CD and that will happen for next Christmas but for now it can be listened to via Facebook.

“Santa” tells of a couple who had an argument and the woman stormed out. The guy takes his sorrows to Santa in hopes of having her with him for Christmas. In the song he tells Santa that he knows he’s not the type of person he caters for and if he could just borrow his sleigh he would go looking for her himself.

The song was written and produced by Ssignal Production team: Bonny Alves and Charmaine Blackman. Through the release, the label has received Christmas performance proposals already as more keep pouring in.

The Lindener’s last performance saw him at last year’s Golden Jubilee when he did “Let Us Cooperate Guyana” so it’s been awhile since fans have heard from him and he’s eager to give them a taste of his newest release.

The Soca/R&B/Hip-Hop singer is already putting together a cross-over album for the coming year.

“Santa” can be found on Facebook at Quincy Lacon.

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