‘Social cohesion’ vs peaceful co-existence

-another review of some Coalition negatives

Even if not the state’s Supreme Executive Authority as His Excellency is, some forms and levels of authority can empower you to come up with brand new names, titles and descriptions for national occasions, events, agencies.

So one guess as to who came up with the post – 2015 “Social Cohesion”? Correct, you got it right! A whole government ministry was created to promote this concept, then this desirable national trait amongst the various groups of people who constitute the Guyanese nation.

But has this type of cohesion, “social” cohesion, ever been defined? For the ministry, its officers or for the actual ordinary citizens required to cohere? Hardly. Whoever came up with this cohesion business still has some more work to do. As an old-time teacher I know that social comes from society. Cohesion means roughly sticking together, to cohere. So some official in high office and authority wants our society at large to stick and stay together as a people committed to the united existence as a Guyanese nation. Great concept and aspiration! On paper!….