Major Michael Shahoud

Major Michael Shahoud heads the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) promotions list for 2018.

According to a press release yesterday from the GDF,  he has been promoted from Substantive Major to Lieutenant Colonel along with three others: Majors Selwyn Austin, Kester Craig and Sheldon Howell.

The release said that in accordance with Part III Section 16 of the Defence Act 15:01 of 1977, the Chief of Staff Brigadier Patrick West was pleased to announce that Commander-in-Chief, President David Granger, has approved the promotions of 35 Officers and 559 Other Ranks with effect from 2018-01-01, with two Ranks being promoted with effect from 2017-01-01.

Five Captains were promoted to the Rank of Major. They are Dominic Shepherd, Cranston France, Kevin Langevine, John Mohanlall and Raymond Archer

Two Acting and 19 Second Lieutenants were promoted to Substantive Lieutenants. Acting Lieutenant (Coast Guard) Travis Morgan was promoted to Substantive Lieutenant (Coast Guard) and headed the Coast Guard promotion list, while Substantive Captain Althea Stuart who was promoted to the Rank of Major was the only Officer promoted from the Guyana People’s Militia.

Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Eteki Stuart headed the list of Other Ranks promoted, while 18990 Substantive Petty Officer Everette Tudor of the Coast Guard was promoted to Senior Petty Officer and Acting Staff Sergeant Mark Bovell of the Guyana People’s Militia was confirmed in his Rank.

At the Coast Guard, the release said that 62 Ratings were promoted to new Ranks while 41 were confirmed in their present Ranks totalling 103. The Guyana People’s Militia promoted 58 Soldiers to new Ranks while confirming 12 in their present Ranks. The other 386 represented 229 newly promoted and 157 confirmed in their present Ranks in the regular Force, the release said.

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