Exxon set to begin drilling new well

Just days after its major oil find at the offshore Ranger-1 site in the Stabroek Block, ExxonMobil’s subsidiary, EEPGL is preparing to begin drilling at the Pacora-1 well site.
According to an advertisement in today’s Stabroek News from the Maritime Administration Department, Esso Exploration & Production Guyana Ltd (EEPGL) will on January 25 begin a three-month drilling programme at the new well site. Since 2015, EEPGL has made a string of finds in the Stabroek bloc. The latest estimates put oil reserves at around 3.2 billion barrels of oil.
The Pacore-1 drill site is 107 miles from the coast of Guyana and covers an area of one square kilometer. Five vessels will be involved in the drilling.

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