Kitty juvenile held after gold miner robbed near seawall

A gold miner who early yesterday  morning  was robbed of two cellular phones and a sum of cash, managed to subdue one of the four male suspects and promptly delivered him into the hands of the police.

The suspect, a 16-year-old student who resides in Kitty was found in possession of one of the victim’s phones, the police said yesterday.  An investigation has revealed that about 12.30 am, the victim, 30 years of L’Oratoire, Canal Number 1 Polder, WBD, was standing on the Kitty Public Road, in the vicinity of the Seawall awaiting a taxi when the suspects, one armed with a firearm attacked and relieved him of his valuables.

As the suspects were fleeing the scene, the victim valiantly pursued them and held the youth who because of an injured foot, was unable to keep up with the pace of his accomplices.

The juvenile is in custody and is assisting with the investigation.

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