Sisters shop owner, wife recovering after bandit attack

Goberdhan Mahabir and his wife, Haimwantie Mahabir.

The couple who were injured on Monday evening after cutlass-wielding bandits stormed their Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara shop and launched an attack are recovering and are expected to be discharged from the hospital today.

A niece, Shanti said that they were both transferred to the wards of the Georgetown Public Hospital and are said to be on the road to recovery.

While the police continue their investigation, one man who was unmasked during the incident and fits the description of one of the suspects remains in custody.  The hunt continues for three accomplices.

Goberdhan also known as “Gavin” and his wife, Haimwantie called “Sangeeta” sustained several chop and stab wounds about their body after they were attacked by four bandits, who were dressed in black and armed with knives and cutlasses.

The attack took place at their Lot 3 Nowrang Dam, Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara residence, which also houses their business, popularly known as “Gavin Shop” during which the bandits fled with the day’s sales.

Reports had revealed that around 9.30pm on Monday, the Mahabirs were about to close for the day when four masked men, who were dressed in black and armed with knives and cutlasses, scaled their fence.

The police had noted that after pouncing on the couple, the robbers demanded cash and other valuables. However, not satisfied with what they got, the police said the suspects stabbed and chopped the victims before fleeing the scene.

Shanti had explained to this newspaper that based on what the Mahabirs related to the family, Goberdhan had just padlocked their gate when he was attacked. “He tell we is turn he turn he back to go in the shop now and lock in the door when the four of them with big, big cutlass jump the front fence and start chop he and stab he up,” she had said.

She added that while two of the bandits surrounded Goberdhan, the other two accomplices ripped open the door to the shop and they launched an attack on Haimwantie. “They scramble her (Haimwantie) and she start fight with them and they push she down and start juk up she and she start holler,” she said.

During the altercation, Haimwantie reportedly unmasked one of her attackers, who became angry and inflicted more injuries on her.

At this point, a passerby stopped his vehicle and rushed to the assistance of the couple.

An alarm was raised and he assisted in transporting them to the hospital.

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