Guard robbed at Culture Dep’t’s NA training centre

A security guard on duty at the Department of Culture, Youth and Sport’s Training Centre at Vrymen’s Erven, New Amsterdam, Berbice was robbed by armed bandits in an early morning attack yesterday.

The attack, which occurred around 2 am, was carried out by three bandits, one of whom was armed with a shotgun, while the others wielded cutlasses. Together they tied up Gansham Ri, 37, called ‘Mike,’ a security guard attached to Integrated Security Service and of Warren Number 19 Village, Corentyne, Berbice. They relieved him of a quantity of cash, two cellphones and other valuables he had at the time.

They also broke into and ransacked the practical workshop in the building before escaping.

Sunday Stabroek was told by police that Ri was seated in the guard hut when he was confronted by the men, who held him a gunpoint and instructed that he remain silent.

They then ordered him to hand over his valuables before binding him with his own t-shirt.

While one of the bandits kept watch of Ri, his two accomplices proceeded further into the building to the practical workshop room.

They broke the padlock off the grill using the barrel of the gun and pried open a window with their cutlasses before ransacking the room.

After a period, the bandit who was guarding Ri took him to the area where his accomplices were to check on them but the guard managed to free himself and fled. He rushed to the neighbouring Regional Democratic Council office and raised an alarm.

The police were summoned. During a search of the crime scene, the trigger and trigger guard of the shotgun were found wrapped with a bicycle tube, while a chopper was also discovered.

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