Chase-Green to contest for mayorship at upcoming poll

Georgetown Mayor Patricia Chase-Green has announced her availability for re-election at the upcoming annual mayoral poll in March.

Chase-Green, who has served for the last two years as mayor, announced her availability on the sidelines of a community event in Alexander Village on Sunday.

The proposed date for the mayoral election is March 15th.

“I am a councillor and on the 15th of March I will be a councillor and all councillors are available for mayorship,” Chase-Green said, before adding that she did not see a reason why she should not accept any nominations from her fellow councillors.

Although she has faced criticisms over her performance during the past two years, the mayor opined, “I think I am doing well, so far.”

Many have criticised her leadership on matters such as the controversial metered parking project and the relocation of vendors, among other issues.

Chase-Green was elected mayor for the first time after the March 18th, 2016 local government elections. In December of the same year, she was reelected unopposed in less than a minute. At the last election, Councillor Sherod Duncan withdrew from the mayoral race an hour before the elections, saying the process had been “tainted” with “ministerial” intervention and that councillors had been “coerced” to give their support in a particular direction.

Chase-Green has been serving on the city council since 1994.

She also serves as the Constituency 14 (Tucville-North Ruimveldt) councillor.

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