Man who shot domino players has fled jurisdiction – police

The man who opened fire on a group of domino players at Mahaica last Saturday night leaving two persons injured has since fled the jurisdiction.

This was disclosed by Divisional Commander Calvin Brutus who said that as the investigation continues, the police have obtained a number of statements and efforts are being made to apprehend the suspect.

Two men – 23-year-old Teron Gordon, a labourer, and 33-year-old Marlon Browne, a farmer, were both shot during the incident at Belmont, Mahaica.

Gordon and Browne were rushed to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital where the former was treated for a gunshot wound to the left side of his abdomen and left forearm, while the latter was treated for a gunshot wound to the left side of his chest.

“It had about 15 of us here playing dominoes because that is what we does do on Saturday nights. The boys from the neighbourhood would come and a friend would bring a friend and we would play dominoes and Andrew [perpetrator] come and Marlon didn’t want anything to do with him,” an eyewitness previously related to Stabroek News.

Eventually, the perpetrator left the scene in his bus and returned 10 minutes later with a weapon.

“He went back into his bus, collected something from inside, left the door open and walked towards them and then just started firing wild. I was in the shop and I duck and I hear about six or seven shots going on. From the moment the first shot fire everybody scattered,” the man said.

He explained that in a bid to find safety after the shots started raining, persons jumped into the nearby trenches and hid under anything they could’ve found, which resulted in wooden structures and other obstacles being kicked away and broken.

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