Policeman fined $10,000 for assaulting minibus passenger

A policeman was on Wednesday found guilty of assault and ordered to pay a fine of $10,000.

The charge stated that on August 26th, 2017, Robert Hendrix, at High Street unlawfully assaulted Shonette Smith.

The facts stated that on the day in question the complainant and her friend entered a Route 31 minibus, of which the defendant was the conductor. Hendrix was seated next to the complainant and placed his hands around her shoulders, and she removed them. He then placed his hands around her waist and told her that if she removed his hands he would cuff her. She removed his hands and he slapped her.

A trial into the matter was held where the prosecution brought witnesses, and the accused brought one witness, the driver of the bus who told the court that the accused was not the conductor of the bus, and he could not see what was going on behind him.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan stated that based on the evidence presented the court believed that Hendrix did assault the complainant and found him guilty of the offence.

The Magistrate then fined him $10,000 or three weeks in prison.

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