CANU rank says he saw ‘Zipper’ dumping cocaine

Andre Gomes

A Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) rank last Friday testified that he saw drug trafficking accused Andre Gomes, also known as ‘Zipper,’ throw away a parcel containing cocaine.

The charge against Gomes, of Lot 32 Craig Street, Campbellville, states that on January 20th, 2018, at Craig Street, Campbellville, he had 992 grammes (equivalent to 2.1 pounds) of cocaine for trafficking in his possession.

CANU prosecutor Konyo Sandiford called the CANU rank who visited Gomes’ home on January 20th to testify.

In his testimony, the rank, who is not being named due to safety concerns, stated that upon arrival at the location, he was instructed to secure the back alley of the house. The witness noted that he made his way to the area through a neighbouring yard. He said about a minute and a half later he observed the defendant, whom he recognised from conducting different operations, make his way through a reddish door at the back of the concrete fence to his premises. He noted that when he observed the defendant, he shouted to Gomes, “CANU! Zipper, don’t move!”

It was at that moment, according to the witness, that he saw the defendant look at him, look away, toss a black plastic bag that he had in hand and go back through the reddish door. The witness noted that he saw where the bag landed and kept his eye on the bag, while prompting CANU ranks to locate the defendant.

At about 1.30 pm, the witness stated, another CANU rank called the defendant to the area where the bag landed and Gomes was instructed to pick up the bag.

It was at this time that the witness noted that he told the accused that he suspected that he had narcotics in the bag and then cautioned him.

He later opened the black parcel and observed a whitish substance that was broken into pieces. The witness added that he later tested the substance in the bag and the results were positive for cocaine.

Under Sandiford’s guidance, the witness noted that he was about 10 feet away from the Gomes’ house when he observed him throwing the black parcel. He added that nothing was blocking his view and that the bag landed on the roof of an old bushy shed in the neighbouring yard.

He noted that Gomes was then arrested and taken to CANU headquarters, where the suspected cocaine was weighed.

Samples of the drugs were then taken from the bulk parcel and placed into a small white envelope and marked, while the bulk parcel was placed in a brownish envelope and marked.

Magistrate Azore later admitted into evidence the analyst report along with the sample of the narcotics taken by the witness and the bulk parcel of the drugs, upon the request of the prosecutor.

Sandiford then made an application for the witness to go to the location to identify the distance he would have been when he saw the defendant throw the black plastic parcel.

This request was later granted.

The matter was subsequently adjourned until tomorrow.


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