Farmer rearing, slaughtering pigs in Le Repentir cemetery

The Mayor and City Council is to  clamp down on a farmer who is accused of rearing and slaughtering pigs inside of Le Repentir Cemetery.

Mayor Patricia Chase-Green’s attention was drawn to the issue for a second time yesterday by Councillor Monica Thomas who called on the council to take action since residents’ health is at risk.

After much deliberations Chase-Green yesterday instructed Town Clerk Royston King to serve a seven- days’ notice to the farmer informing of his breach and the measures that would be taken if he failed to comply.

According to Thomas, the rearing and slaughtering of the animals is being done on the southern section of the cemetery. She noted that the activity has been going on for some time.

At this point Chase-Green said earlier in the year a notice was served to the farmer after which the farmer visited the mayor’s office and requested time to relocate the farm.

“She came and I had compassion on her because we do not want to take bread out of people mouths. She had explained that they had four sows and 57 piglets,” the mayor explained.

APNU+AFC Councillor, Oscar Clarke also called on the council to work with other agencies and advise the farmer what needs to be done to set up a legitimate operation. He noted that while the council is looking to safeguard the health of residents they should also consider the livelihood of the farmer.

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