Disabled Berbice woman, 86, raped in home

A visually-impaired and bedridden 86-year-old woman was raped in her home at Berbice early last Friday morning and her family is now calling for justice.

Commander of ‘B’ Division Lyndon Alves confirmed the attack when contacted by Stabroek News and he noted that a medical examination confirmed that the victim was sexually assaulted.

Alves also said that the police have been facing difficulties in identifying the suspect due to the fact that the victim is visually-impaired. The woman is also said to have difficulty hearing.

In wake of the heinous attack, a relative of the elderly woman is offering a reward to anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of the perpetrator.

The crime was uncovered around 4am last Friday.

At that time, a relative, who resides nearby, heard screams coming from the woman’s house and upon checking, he found the door to the premises was open and she was lying unconscious on her bed. There was blood around her.

A report was immediately made to the police, who allegedly took hours to respond.

The relative said that during the call, the police instructed that no one move the woman. As a result, she was taken to the hospital only after the police responded around 1 pm.

The perpetrator is believed to have gained entry into the house through a window.

Stabroek News was informed that the woman, who has been living alone for over five years, has caretakers but is usually left alone in the nights.

“Somebody has to pay for this,” the relative said, while noting that the family is offering a $200,000 for information that can lead to the arrest of the perpetrator. The relative said anyone with information that can be useful for the investigation can contact him on telephone number 689-7525.

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