Senior TUC official slams Dep’t of Public Service

The Department of the Public Service yesterday found its operations the target of a blistering attack by the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC).

Karen Vanslutyman-Corbin, of the GTUC’s Women Advisory Committee (WAC) declared at yesterday’s May Day rally that “there is an urgent need for an investigation to be launched into the operations of the Department of the Public Service.”

According to  Vanslutyman-Corbin the department which ought to be functioning to the benefit of all public servants  is not.

“It is functioning for some public servants, the friends and cronies of a few and I’m saying it and I have the evidence to support it. I’m asking our national leaders to please look into that because it is happening, please look into that,” she stressed.

The Department is a part of the Ministry of the Presidency.

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