Minister hears concerns over Essequibo Technical Institute dorm

Students at the dorm (Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs photo)

Minister in the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs’ Valerie Garrido-Lowe recently visited the dormitory of the Essequibo Technical Institute (ETI) and listened to the concerns raised.

According to a release from the  ministry, the students in the dorm are predominantly from the indigenous population.

The students were lauded by the Minister for their conduct based on reports from both dormitory mothers who noted that the students are dedicated and hardworking and this is reflected in their grades at school.  

However, in discussion with Garrido-Lowe, the release said that the dorm mothers stated that they would like to see some changes made in terms of the diet (regular preparation of indigenous foods), additional accommodation for students, reviewing their remuneration packages and urgent assistance from the Regional Administration to deal with a dilapidated building in close proximity to the dormitory. This building is posing a health hazard due to mosquitoes in old tyres and constant floods. There is also the danger of galvanised sheets flying off the roof during high winds.

Garrido-Lowe has promised to engage the relevant authorities in addressing these matters at the earliest opportunity.

Lawrence Griffith, the Ministry’s Coordinator for Sport Development in the Hinterland, held a discussion with the students and stemming from that discussion they are eager to establish a sports club there which has a population of more than sixty students.

Griffith will be returning shortly to assist with the process and will also be conducting refereeing and coaching sessions.

The ETI  was established in 2000 by the Ministry of Education.

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