Paul Pierre

Paul Pierre, of Kwebanna Village, Waini River, Moruca Sub-region, Region One (Barima/Waini) has been re-elected for a second term as toshao.

Pierre told Stabroek News that he is looking forward to continuing the work he has started.

“Pushing agriculture and securing the economy of the community,” he said, “are foremost on my mind.”

In this regard, he added that improved production of the cassava root and the construction of a cassava processing facility for the export of cassava flour, and the production of turmeric are being encouraged. The turmeric will be supplied to the factory processing the root crop at Hosororo, in the Mabaruma sub-region.

Turmeric is used in the production of curry powder and for beverages. 

Pierre also noted that the community is grappling with alcoholism and it has to be dealt with.  Extension of boundaries to the community, he also said, is another priority.         

Pierre, who defeated two other candidates, secured over 50 percent of the votes.

Also obtaining a high percentage of votes was the newly-elected toshao of Aishalton, thirty-one year-old small businessman Michael Thomas. He defeated the outgoing toshao and a former toshao by over 75 per cent of their combined votes.   

It has been noted, however, that in some of the recent toshao elections, some of the candidates have won the majority of the votes but with less than 50 percent of the votes.

According to outgoing vice-chairman of the National Toshaos Council Lenox Shuman, the newly-elected toshao of Pakuri secured 25 percent of the votes, which was the highest score. Similarly, the toshao of Santa Rosa village obtained 35 percent of the votes. The second candidate obtained 26 percent, the third, 22 percent and the fourth 17 percent.

Santa Rosa’s outgoing councillor Graham Atkinson and Shuman noted the concerns expressed about candidates being given mandates without a simple majority.     

It was also noted that of over 5,000 eligible voters at Santa Rosa, just over 1,000 cast their votes.

In other election results, Romeo Smith has been elected the new toshao of Karrau in the Mazaruni.        

Other new toshaos elected are Allan Henry of Warapoka, and Learmond Emmanuel of Waramuri. Warapoka and Waramuri are in Region One.

The newly-elected toshao of Annai Village in the North Rupununi is Zacharias Norman. Councillors elected to serve on the Annai Village Council are Zita Henrico, Lakeram Haynes (Kwatamang), Suresh Andries (Rupertee), Arnold Moses (Wowetta), and Jackie Allicock (Surama).

Meanwhile the elections of toshaos and councillors continue. Elections, which began on May 15th, will run until June 15th.

Elections continue today in three Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam) communities, including Akiwini and Wakapoa. 

Elections in Jawalla, Upper Mazaruni are scheduled for June 11th. The candidates for toshao are Raphael Hunter, Harold Browne, Lita John and Veron Henry.

In the neighbouring community of Philipi, housewife Daphne George is challenging the incumbent toshao Yarnell Austin for the position.

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