Woman succumbs after allegedly jumping from car

-boyfriend in custody

Sasia Adams

A 19-year-old clerk succumbed to severe head injuries yesterday, almost two days after she allegedly jumped from a moving car driven by her boyfriend along Lamaha Street, Georgetown.

Dead is Sasia Adams, called ‘Baby,’ who was a resident of East Street, Georgetown and a front desk clerk at the Ramada Princess Hotel.

Stabroek News was told that Adams sustained severe head injuries after jumping from the vehicle as they were proceeding west along Lamaha Street, around 8.30 pm on Sunday. She was rushed to Dr Balwant Singh’s Hospital by her boyfriend and she was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on life support.

Adams succumbed around 11.25 am yesterday.

Sasia Adams

Her, 21-year-old boyfriend, who hails from Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, is presently in police custody assisting with investigations. He has since provided investigators with conflicting accounts of what transpired.

A police source related to this newspaper that investigators are currently reviewing CCTV footage, which they retrieved from the scene.

This newspaper was further told that upon arrival at the hospital, Adams, who was conscious, related to an official that she sustained the injuries after she fell at home. She subsequently experienced a seizure and never regained consciousness.

Adams’ death left her entire family and friends in shock.

At the hospital yesterday, a number of family members and friends, including Adams’ two sisters, Sasha and Sinasha Adams, were present.

The weeping sisters related to Stabroek News that based on what they were told by doctors, Sasia’s injuries included a fractured skull, brain injuries and severe haemorrhaging.

They said that they were confident that Sasia did not jump out of the vehicle as it is being claimed. “Baby is not suicidal. Baby is smart and Baby is full of life. She don’t worry with anything stressful, she don’t argue, she don’t be in fights, she don’t be in quarrels. When people quarrel, she gon’ be the one staying out,” Sasha said.

They said the family is awaiting the autopsy to reveal the truth about her death. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed on Sasia’s remains today.

The women explained that Sasia has been living alone for the past three months. “…But I know she has a boyfriend, so when I hear she with this boy [the suspect], I was angry too. Then we all got angry. And she had block us out. Not like stop talking but like, you know, try keep to herself because she in love right,” Sinasha said.

According to Sasha, the family learnt that Sasia was hospitalised after the suspect called Sinasha. “I was going home from work…I was in the bus and he called and he seh ‘Your sister fall down at home. She is unconscious. I just bring her to the hospital,’” Sinasha recounted.

Sinasha said she last saw and spoke to Sasia on Saturday, when she visited her at her workplace. “I call her and she seh she coming over to see me and she came across around 5 o’clock and she came and see me….when she come everything was normal, same how she does be, nothing was strange….she was happy, laughing,” she recalled.

The sisters said that the believed Sasia tried to protect the suspect since the family never really agreed to their relationship. “We will get justice for baby. Justice will be served. He gone somehow got to tell we wah he really he do to she,” Sasha cried.

Meanwhile, on Adams’ Facebook page there was an outpouring of grief after the news of her death spread. Many recalled what a friendly and loving individual she was, while others expressed their shock at her death. There were also a few who were determined that justice will be served.

Sasia was the youngest of four siblings. She hailed from the Pomeroon and was a former student of the Anna Regina Multilateral School.

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