Still much more to be done to fight human trafficking


Khemraj Ramjattan

Despite Guyana retaining the Tier 1 ranking for its efforts towards combating Trafficking in Persons (TIP), Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan yesterday said recommendations to address shortcomings from the recently released US State Department 2018 Report will not go unnoticed since much more needs to be done.

“At this point, it was recognized that this did not mean that Guyana had conquered the crime of TIP by any stretch of the imagination; rather, each anti-TIP agent in Guyana was urged to treat the promotion as motivation to maintain a high level of effort and efficiency in their work in areas where success was achieved and to strive for improvement where necessary,” Ramjattan told reporters yesterday while delivering a statement in response to the report. 

He explained that while the Ministry is satisfied in maintaining the Tier 1 ranking, the recommendations in the report did not go unnoticed…..