NDC Chairmen in Region Four decry ‘corrupt’ police officers

Leslie Glasgow

Three Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) Chairmen are requesting that the Commander of C Division, Edmond Cooper take action against ‘corrupt police officers’ who they say are creating numerous challenges within their respective NDC’s

. According to a media release from Region Four, the call from the NDC Chairmen was issued to Regional Chairman, Genevieve Allen, who has promised to meet with the Cooper to have the matters addressed urgently.

“I am glad that you have asked for my intervention and I can assure you that I will be speaking to the Commander with the view of having these matters addressed ASAP. However, please document the names of the officers that you have had issues with, so that I can present all the information to the Commander,” Allen was quoted as saying, in the press release. The matters raised by Ovid Kingston, Ayube Mohamed and Leslie Glasgow, the Chairmen of the NDCs of Haslington/ Grove, Mon Repos/La Reconnaissance, and Soesdyke/TeHuis’t Te/Coverden, respectively, are concerned with the police within their respective NDCs granting permits to party promoters after the NDCs have denied them…..