Albouystown man gets three months for stealing two car batteries

Shawn Peters

An Albouystown man was on Wednesday sentenced to three months in prison for stealing two car batteries valued at over $60,000.

Shawn Peters, a 43-year-old car washer of 183 Callender Street, Albouystown stole two car batteries from Nazim Prashad valued at $64,000 between July 13th and July 14th.

Peters, who pleaded guilty to the charge, explained to the court that he sold the batteries for $10,000 each but only collected $5,000 in advance. Peters added that he used the money “to do a little smoking and gambling with his girlfriend.”

“I gah my lil’ daughter home, but she gon be well taken care of, so I can do with a lil’ three months, four months,” were the words of the man.

Magistrate Fabayo Azore took heed of Peters’ request and sentenced him to three months imprisonment.

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