Shuman says new party for September launch

Lennox Shuman

The new political party announced by former National Toshaos Council vice chairman

is expected to be launched in September as the people behind its formation are going into retreat to get its constitution, code of conduct and other party instruments in order.

 “We have agreed that we are going to have a political party. We are anticipating launching in September,” Shuman told Stabroek News yesterday.

“We have taken a deliberate step back from being in front all the time. We want to ensure that when we come out to launch we are very, very clear about what the core executive of the party would look like. We also want to ensure that all of us are operating on defined principles. It will also give us an opportunity to have discussion with the diaspora and other supporters.”

The name of the party, its symbol and colours, he said, are still to be decided on.

Because it is a broad-based party, he said, the party instruments will have to come out a consultative process.

Pressed on who are some of the people behind the party, he said, “I am not sure I am at liberty to say that off the bat but some business people, professionals and some from academia.”

He continued, “We have indigenous leaders who have been around for a while. They know the issues. They know the people. They are just simply tired of the system that has existed post-independence.”

At the just concluded National Toshaos Council conference, he said, he had been asked about the party by the Indigenous leaders but he has had to steer clear of politicking as it was not the time and place.     

Nevertheless, he said, he told them that they will all be informed and they will all have to make decisions based on the information. “They are very excited about an Indigenous person leading a political party. I have communicated to them that it is not an Indigenous party. It is a party that has its base in Indigenous communities. It is a broad based party.”




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